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Dear Valued First Source Customer:

As we continue our partnership together, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience over the last half of 2016. We converted to a new system in June 2016 that is designed to help us better serve you. As with many new systems, we experienced unexpected challenges along the way, causing us to have service level issues on your account. Perhaps the most disappointing piece was our lack of communication about changes being made that had a significant effect on your daily operation. We have made several improvements over the course of the past three months that we feel will help get us back to the excellent service level to which you are accustomed:

First and foremost, communication is key to any relationship. We will strive to notify you of any material changes that may impact your daily operation, starting with improved internal communication with your sales and customer service representatives, as they are your first point of contact. We have also instituted a global messaging feature on invoices to relay key announcements about First Source.

Effective early January, we have hired a new Warehouse Manager with extensive background and experience with our systems, as well as an Inventory Control Specialist. We have also brought in a Senior Director of Purchasing to further build our buying procedures and vendor management programs.

Effective 2/6/17, we began emailing invoices directly to your account. If you have not already signed up to receive electronic invoices, please send your information to your rep or

Other changes that were made on our invoices to help improve your check-in process are:

o Corrected a glitch that gave only the carton price vs. the unit price.

o Improved the font size on our invoices to minimize the number of pages required to print, while still maintaining a readable size.

o Formatted the packing slips and invoices to the same layout for consistency.

o Products shipped are listed in alphabetical order by brand name.

o Differentiated your invoice number and order number for easy reference.

We continue to invest in the business through systems and empowerment of our sales and customer service teams. Be on the lookout for new and exciting platforms in 2017, including enhanced seasonal programs, a live website complete with a more user friendly order-pay site, and new ways to communicate directly with you. In the three months I have been with First Source, I have already seen many changes that will have a positive impact on our relationship in the near future. We thank you again for staying with us and look forward to many more years ahead!

Warmest Regards

Dave Guldner

Director of Marketing

First Source, LLC


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